Welcome to the Clown Cohort: a year long mentorship for aspiring clown teachers

Born out of our Examining Clown Lab from fall 2021, and hosted by Julia Proctor and Ania Upstill, this new program will provide an opportunity for a small cohort of 2-3 clown teachers to observe, practice, debrief, and lead workshops over the course of Clown Gym’s 9th Season. 

This one-year (August 2022 – June 2023) mentorship program is designed to support clown teachers with some experience who want to take their teaching to a higher level. Julia Proctor and Ania Upstill will lead the program, in addition to support from the diverse roster of Clown Gym teachers. The goals of the new mentorship program are to provide skills, coaching and confidence to experienced and developing teachers, and to strengthen our community by growing and diversifying our cohort of clown teachers. Due to the nature of Clown Gym, all students we work with will be adults.

Program Expectations:

  • Late August/early September 3-hour Manhattan retreat with Mentorship Cohort to clarify expectations and goals
  • Tuesday night Clown Gym workshops (and additional programing as available)
  • Monthly one-hour check-ins with the Mentorship Team (zoom or in-person TBD) Note: All teachers observed that month are invited (but not required) to attend
  • Informal check-ins with the cohort and teacher in the studio after each workshop
  • Lead at least 2 Tuesday night Clown Gyms in the spring and engage in feedback with the Mentorship Cohort
  • Late May/early June one-day Manhattan retreat to debrief

Program Benefits:

  • Free access to all Clown Gym programming from September through May, which includes:
    • Clown Gyms, Tuesday nights 7:30-9:30 in midtown
    • Clown Jams, monthly coaching sessions for new work
    • Clown Shows
    • Monthly weekend intensives
  • Opportunities to lead warmups/games/exercises and engage in feedback with the Mentorship Cohort
  • Participate in two round table discussions with experienced clown teachers (one in the fall/winter and one in the spring)
  • Stipend for each individual in the Mentorship Cohort is $500

Who should apply?

Women, non-binary folks, and/or folks of color. People with clown training, performance experience, and some teaching experience who want to develop their teaching perspective and voice with the goal of being a (better) clown teacher. 2-3 candidates will be selected by mid August.

Applications are closed for the first Cohort.

Participants will be announced in late August.