SEASON 8: September 14 – December 14, 2021 and January 18 – May 31, 2022. 

WHEN: Tuesday nights from 7:30pm-9:30pm

WHAT: Each class features a warmup, group games and individual and/or small group exercises. Wear movement clothes, because we get sweaty. You must register in advance to attend Clown Gym. REGISTER HERE.

WHO: All experience levels are welcome and encouraged. You’ll be challenged and have fun. Most weeks are led by Clown Gym founder, Julia Proctor, with occasional guest teachers taking the lead.

PRICE: $20/class. If you need to pay less, please do. If you can pay more, please do. 

COVID Protocols: You must be vaccinated to attend in-person Clown Gym. Masks must be worn while entering and moving around the building. In the studio: masks will be worn. The group will decide if solo presenters can remove masks. Please only attend if you are feeling well.

WHERE: Molloy Studios, 4th floor of 50 Broadway in New York, New York

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Bouffon Intensive with Sophie Amieva!

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In the MakingLevel 2 Bouffon: how to build a Bouffon piece

For the first time, we’re offering an advanced Bouffon series. YES!!

The Bouffons seduce the audience and hold a mirror to the underbelly of human greed, power, sexuality. How do they speak such truth to power and make us laugh at the same time?

In this series, first we’ll address who’s in the room to set a foundation to play and then dig into the Bouffons realm. We’ll improvise with children’s play to explore different logics and rhythms, design grotesque masks, and engage with a creative process to collectively unleash folly and fun.

Be ready to be challenged, to shake your own ground, and to find the freedom to let go: you will be magnifique!

Tuesdays Jan 18, 25, Feb 1 and 8 from 7-10pm 

Space Molloy in January, 520 8th Ave in February

Cost to participate: sliding scale, you chose between $200-350. 

You must have bouffon experience to participate in the advanced series. 

REGISTER HERE for Bouffon!