Come laugh with some of the most beautiful, funny, moving, and weird clowns creating work in New York City! Clown Gym presents CLOWN FLEX to showcase the amazing talent of our clown community in a well-produced and welcoming clown variety show.

Season 10 Clown Flex dates

  • September 21st at Brooklyn Art Haus
  • December 7th at Brooklyn Art Haus
  • January 9th as part of PhysFestNYC
  • March 6th at Brooklyn Art Haus

Want to be showcased in a future Flex?

Who should apply: experienced performers with a funny/beautiful/creative/stupid/superintelligent clown act, who have attended or taught at least one Clown Gym workshop. It should be well-rehearsed and something you’re very excited to share. 

Vibe of our show: funny, creative, messy, innovative, moving, full of love. Clown! Whatever that means to you. Note: please do not make a literal mess in your act. 

A note on how we curate:

The producers review all submissions and decide together as a group. We aim to create a balanced and varied evening of six acts. This includes: 

  • a combo of solo, duo and group acts
  • a range of approaches from clown including red nose, physical comedy that does not rely on words, to more talking/verbal comedy and things in between
  • we accept one or two other forms like bouffon or commedia, but try to keep most acts in the world of clown
  • a balanced range of new work to a work in progress to an excerpt of a longer produced show. 

We only feature a performer once a season. If you’re looking for another place to perform or test out a new act, check out our monthly Clown Party for new work development!

Come back here in mid-March for the May submission form, or subscribe to our newsletter

Hosts Lex Alston and Julia Proctor, December 2023 Clown Flex at Brooklyn Art Haus.
Photo by Mike Bryk.