Clown Flex on Nov 11th, 2022 at Pine Box Rock Shop

Hosted by Madeleine Joyce


Jay Délise

Jeff Seal and Chris Manley

Isaac Young

Rachel Resnik

Hannah Mitchell and Nathan Repasz

Produced by Madeleine Joyce, Maggie Tully, Michael Galligan and Julia Proctor

Do the Virtual Clown Show

March 2020 – May 2021

A weekly, then monthly, variety show hosted on Zoom during the COVID-19 Pandemic featuring innovative comedy performances, live music, intermission dance parties, community announcements, and a whole lot of heart.

Watch the shows below!

Measuring in Cartwheels

Do you have it all? Do you know someone who does? Really, like you actually know them? Not Beyoncé. Dinah and Julia do not have it all. But they feel like they should, so they made a show about it. Measuring in Cartwheels: a clowny exploration of having it all.

Created and Performed by Dinah Berkeley and Julia Proctor

Project Y’s Women in Theatre Festival, June 2017

Directed by Michael Bauer

Dutch Kills Theatre Workshop, January 2018

Directed by Tara Giordano

An Unapologetic Mess: a clown show!


A monthly mess at The People’s Improv Theatre

Initial Run featuring Julia Proctor as Icky Shirley Dangle and Devin Shacket as Chunky Cricket Discharge

Sequel Run hosted by Joe Galan and Kim Kaiser