January 27, 2020

Fall outdoor classes in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

  • Sundays 3-5pm in September + October
  • PWYC to the guest teacher in person (cash or venmo). 
  • Masks (the COVID kind, not the red noses) and social distancing required. 
  • You will be asked to leave if you can’t follow safety protocols. 
  • Meet at James S.T. Stranahan Monument (photo below) near Grand Army Plaza and move as a group.
  • No RSVP necessary, just show up by 3pm! 
  • See below for teacher information.

October Outdoor Teachers

Madeleine Joyce Sunday October 4 +18 from 3-5pm

Join Madeleine Joyce for two outdoor, October Sunday FunDays! All clown-journey-ers welcome! Whether you’ve been around the block or are only just stepping out of the curiosity closet with clowning, come practice the basics of holding the limelight as your most vulnerable open self. Amping up the joy, whimsy and possibilities with a few simple (they are very hard) tools. We will play games with a point and all around value each other’s contributions, though please flop, oh please please flop for us. The more the merrier—we’ll stay apart and masked up anyway— and you’ll get a very special covid clown mask!! 

Though an “Actor” all her life, Madeleine Joyce discovered the joy of clowning in 2017 and has been a pilgrim, a pansy and a-pining for more of it ever since. As a Clown Gym zealot, she’ll gab your ear off as to how clown can be a supplemental tool for all other types of live performance, the distinctions between teacher styles (regarding those she has been lucky enough to meet), and also how failing so tragically while clowning will improve your quality of life here on earth if you’ll let it. She teaches a ClownAsana workshop combining clown and yoga philosophy, for more info check out: diplomatyoga.com and find her regular ol’ yoga classes there too. She performed as Mommy Baby Dolly in NYC’s only bouffon troupe, The Boof, and co-devised “Unfinished Bedtime Clown Show,” all before the pandemic… 

Marisa Miranda Sunday October 11 + 25 from 3-5pm

Marisa has been bed ridden from surgeries the whole summer. Now that she’s recovered, she wants to shake the cobwebs off her creaky joints and creative mind with you! We’ll be playing games to get you movin’, shakin’, and connected to your body and emotions (all while safely socially distant). Whatever we discover we will share with each other, and who knows, maybe you’ll get a laugh!

If there is one thing Marisa loves more than anything, it’s being in a Clown class. This passion has brought her all over the world to study with the best Clown teachers to apply the lessons learned to her own teaching. Marisa’s strength is transforming physically to connect to the inner emotions; working from the outside inward using unconventional movements. When your body is exhausted, you don’t have the energy to self- censor. Once you find that sweet spot, wonderful discoveries can be made to then share with your audience.

September Outdoor Teacher

“Packaging Your Play at Whizbang Speed: In-Person Express Collaboration” with Jarrod Bates

Sundays Sept 13, 20 + 27 3-5pm in Prospect Park.

Remember clown before inconsistent video connections? Join Jarrod to play some games and then do some funny stuff with an in-person audience to chase that juice that just isn’t the same on Zoom. We’ll move at lightning speed with some dumb ideas and things we’re passionate about, smash it all together and package our play into something beautifully dumb to gift each other, and perhaps even the nearby public if so moved! Don’t worry, we’ll be safe about it – come outside and play!

Jarrod Bates is an out-of-work actor, clown, and physical comedian. He’s made mischief in places like Australia, Hawaii with Aitor Basauri, New Zealand with Strut & Fret, created roles for a Chinese National Tour, and originated the principal characters in COSMOS and EXENTRICKS with Cirque du Soleil at Sea. He has toured his solo show Jarrod Bates: Out of the Box and Onto Your Face, created with Virginia Scott with whom he was a founding member of The Commedia Company. He is a graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre, iO Chicago, and The Annoyance NYC. Jarrod apprenticed Christopher Bayes at the Funny School of Good Acting and Yale School of Drama. He now lives in Brooklyn with his cat Bandit and sleeps wearing a clown nose as a security blanket. jarrodbates.com

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